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Empowering children to be future ready short film (Fugee Org ) SunkyOG

Learning has seen as a major shift from conventional classrooms to digital classes, however 2020 has helped digital learning showcase its true potential on every level of education, amid COVID-19 outbreak. Be it a school, college, or any other institution, they all halted physical learning mediums and embraced the online learning.

Online learning and its elements provides the possibility to get modern education to every pupil going through the tutoring process due to Covid 19 setbacks and all other issues. Students using digital learning tools and technology become more engaged in the process and more interested in growing their knowledge base as a result of appealing methods such as peer education, teamwork, problem-solving, reverse teaching. It is logically aforementioned that education and recalling becomes easy when you can see or visualize what you are learning.

Empowering children to be future ready short film was solely based on a young student at the fugee school whose only source of online learning was a tiny iPad without adequate internet facility. Revealing the importance of education in this era, and the advantages of ever evolving technology was one of the keynotes beautifully narrated in the short film.

Furthermore, we get to understand what refugees experience due to inadequate funding and support. Fatima in the short movie explained that if she had a laptop computer and a stable internet connection, learning would be simpler and more comprehensive. One of the kind- hearted teachers who spends her time to tutor refugee kids also analyzed some of the setbacks involved in online learning. The world is growing rapidly and as a result of the present condition, everybody is struggling to find a balance between the present and pre Covid era.

In addition, some of the benefits of online learning includes students accessing digital classes right from the comfort of their bedrooms, saves a great deal of time not only for students but also for their parents, commuting from home to school and vice-versa is itself a time- consuming affair. The online learning facilitators have ensured that the curriculum is more advanced than that of regular schooling. It confirms the holistic education for kids and their multi-dimensional development. The journey of learning from blackboard to keyboard has been enthralling.

In conclusion, refugees need every ounce of support they can get as it is important for their unremitting survival and livelihood. For incessant education and learning, encouragement and funding needs to be provided for them as they can’t do this on their own. The beautiful short movie highlighted some of the setbacks they encounter and I feel more short movies like this should be constantly produced to aid more awareness and participation. The future is Bright! #children


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