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The Subconscious Mind (Surrealism). SunkyOG

Featuring 'Sach Rod,' (International Fashion Model)

With an unclogged mentality, a closer inspection of these visuals reveals that they are usually associated with Surrealism, a revolutionary idea established in Paris in 1924 that prioritized the unconscious and dreams over the familiar, basic, and everyday. Although Surrealism has generated poetic and even humorous works and effects, artists all over the world have embraced it as a tool in the fight for political, social, and personal liberties.

Surrealism is a broad, fluid term, yet it is fundamentally an investigation. It refers to a pure movement, not a historical event; essentially dynamic, it has migrated and altered from place to place and time to time, and it continues to do so today. Its reach has always been global, transcending national boundaries as a unifying call for emancipation while resolving unique and local challenges.

The dynamic visuals gathered here were developed with the objective of physically and creatively explaining unconsciousness. It takes several different paths into flexible Surrealism. These visuals illustrate controlled interest, shared through points of convergence, relay/exchange, and individual hurdles observed throughout time in the pursuit of liberation from arbitrary limitations.

Sach (The Model) chose to take part in this project in order to share his dreams, experiences with absenteeism, and unconsciousness caused by unexplainable feelings. The visuals go beyond usual borders and conventional narratives to establish an outline of how our emotions take over in ways we don't comprehend. The visuals emphasize connection and authenticity, masculinity, vulnerability, and acceptance. The Surrealists are viewed by the rest of the world as a network of interrelated lives, emotions, quick decisions, and encounters united by the freedom and possibility given by Surrealism.

The hegemony of awareness and authority has been called into question by a mode of inquiry known as surrealism, which, at times, has also made an attempt to overthrow it. Thoughts and unconsciousness are significant in this context because, like delusions and paranoia, they can reveal the innermost secrets of the human mind. We learned that visions represented impulses that were otherwise restrained by societal standards throughout time.

Collaborative endeavors could yield "visuals incomprehensible by one mind alone," Such generative techniques include allowing the subject to drift and radiate without instructions or exact directions. I and Rod spoke broadly before and after the shoot. it was an amazing session.


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