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Why Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the OSCARS 2022


The world is ever-evolving and human beings need to understand the fact that every living thing has got a breaking point. For the will smith family, a lot has been going on… They have literally been dragged for everything from when Jada had the entanglement issue to Will smith revealing that they are both in an open marriage.

It's been one hell of a roller coaster for the family. I remember in 2016 when Chris rock-shaded Jada smith at the same Oscars comparing her turning down attending the Oscars to Rihanna's panties, Chris, in my opinion, is fond of throwing jabs, especially at the black community all in the name of comedy.

Now let me express myself…. I feel that it was a thing that happened and it should just be left at that. Should Will Smith have slapped Chris Rock? Probably not, violence is never the answer, but he did and it was the most interesting and exciting thing that occurred at the Oscars since La La Land was wrongly proclaimed as the best picture winner.

Will on his side was doing it for his wife, I do not think his pride was hurt, it's just that Chris Rock made a very thoughtless joke at the expense of Jada's alopecia. I'm not about to start encouraging violence at awards shows (although celebrity on celebrity violence is some of the best violence there is), but he did have an understandable reason for doing it. It's certainly debatable that the reason was justified, but I think we can all understand it.

But now there are talks about should Will Smith be arrested for it or if he should lose his much-deserved Oscar for it, both of which are ridiculous. He made this Oscar ceremony not only extraordinary but worth watching. That's what the Academy has been desperate for! Declining viewership has been a real problem for the Oscars for a while now and Will Smith just gave them a crazy amount of publicity. I know I would have been insanely disappointed if I had missed seeing it live.

The Academy has no control over the legal repercussions he might face, but they would be stupid to punish him for doing them a much-needed favor.

And I hope Chris Rock is cool about it and doesn't try to press charges. He needs to be more sensible about cracking jokes about specific things, we don’t know how emotional Jada gets because of the disease like he hurt Jada, so Will hurt him, and now they're even. Comedians need to be more sensible with their jokes, they need to understand boundaries. No point dragging it out even further. At the end of the day, all it was was a bad joke and a slap in the face. Both may sting for a bit, but there's not going to be any lasting damage, so I hope Chris Rock is a big enough person not to make it into anything bigger than it already is.


Mar 28, 2022

Well, Will did what most men would do to defend their families.. But hey come on assaulting a fellow man of the same class on live tv is just below standards.

He could have also just held the wife's head and kissed it and then see who gets the last laugh..

His actions may go along way against his personality and family maybe.. Just maybe

Mar 28, 2022
Replying to

I mean, I understand the fact that he assaulted but sometimes we gotta protect family with everything. I still insist on the fact that comedians need to know boundaries

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