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When I was a little boy, probably about 6, I said to my mother, ‘When I grow up I want to be superman.’ I probably said this because of my obsession with Lois and Clarke series ,Hardy Boys or something related, but looking back at that naïve ambition, I can’t help but laugh out loud

Relocating to Malaysia from Nigeria, has served as further evidence of the fact that women have way too much to put up with. My first encounter with ‘chauvinistic men’- for lack of a better word- was at the mall, of all places; cat-calling. I was appalled.

These guys at the mall however? Honestly, under different circumstances, they were men I would probably beat up loool. As the girl and her friends walked past, that shrill whistle escaped their lips and I was left thinking, “typical.”

This is not one of those endless rambles on gender equality or feminism , but I think one of the biggest issues in society today is objectification of women. Whether it is sexual or cultural or even work related, it is an issue that despite having made several strides for the better, is still prevalent. Now, to get this out of the way, I will say that yes, women objectify men too, but it goes without saying which is more prevalent. Which is why my focus is on the former.

The fact that a woman can walk into an office, fully qualified, and be denied a job simply for denying a man the permission to use her body for his sexual gratification is a very clear example of the objectification I am speaking of. To the particular man, you are useful for one thing and one thing only. If not for that then what else?

Now what I find hilarious is women, that on the daily complain about this issue and yet make it close to impossible to make their case. They demand respect and yet do not seem to want to give it to themselves .

As people, I think it is directly linked to our upbringing. Raise a child in the way he should go and when he is grown he will not depart from it. A respect for women, for their ambitions and dreams, their bodies and decisions needs to start at home. This has to be emphasised for both sexes. Teach girls that their bodies are absolutely gorgeous, and not just anyone is meant to glory in them. Teach boys that women, despite being created differently, women are just as capable in thought and intellect as men. Their dreams and ambitions are just as valid. As soon-to-be parents, I believe the ball is now in our court.


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